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USAGE: Hard Plastic, Solid Surface & Aluminum

This solid carbide tool is a great all-purpose cutter. It will give a good finish in a variety of materials. These tools are designed to have a longer life when compared with high speed steel (HSS). Solid carbide has a harder edge that holds up well against friction, however these tools are more brittle and may break if dropped or abused. For longer tool life try the TiN coating (pictured right).

Onsrud 52-000 series - 2 Edge Spiral UpCut - Solid Carbide

* Extreme lengths are not recommended for anything other than foam

Bosch 85000M series - 2 Edge Upcut Spiral - Solid Carbide

Onsrud 57-000 series - 2 Edge Downcut Spiral - Solid Carbide

Tip: Try using a straight flute before using a downcut

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